Hair Therapy Is an Inter Cultural Topic

Many of my clients identify themselves as biracial, mixed race, or multicultural. Often, diverse families have special issues with hair. Whether you, or your child’s heritage is African American, African, Haitian, Polynesian, or any other combination, chances are you could benefit from our workshops for families.

Hair + Therapy= Hairapy

*  Do you know the best way to deal with tangles or breakage?
* Learn how to work with your curls, not against them.
* How often should you use Use conditioner’s an oils to moisturize your hair.
* Can you get to a point where your hair can be finger combed?                             *Is micro-aggression a part of your world?




Participate in  demonstrations and get information and questions answered  on best practices. The sessions will be lead by Cosmetology Instructor and Host of Hair, Head and Heart.